Krom Kendama - DJ PRO MOD - Iji - Svjetloplava

Krom Kendama - DJ PRO MOD - Iji - Svjetloplava

Krom Kendama - Pro Mod - Scags - Smeđa

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50,00 €

We at KROM are stoked to present the brand new Scags signature model. Bryan has been a constant presence in the kendama community for over a decade now, always spreading the love and positivity for the game, and we couldn't be more stoked to have him be a part of KROM. This fresh signature model couldn't be more deserved and is created to be honed immediately out of the box. The combination of the new SD3 shape & RFS clear coat and the full rubberwood construction makes for a one of kind kendama with trick lacing potential through the roof.






• KROM RFS Clear Sticky Paint

• Rubberwood

• Base Cup WARP HOLE

• Weight Match Guarantee *tama and ken will be within 0-7 grams*

• Tama size 62 mm

• Ken height 170 mm

• String length 70 cm

• KROM Bearing

• Stickers

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